About Jan Elmer

Hello, below is a little information about me. I am a highly-motivated individual who is comfortable working in an environment with rapid changes in direction. I am well organized and goal-oriented, with past experience managing projects (setting project dependencies, milestones, and project timelines). I am extremely customer-focused with an entrepreneurial spirit willing to go above and beyond what's required to make an impact. In the fast paced technology business, one cannot stop learning. So I am always broadening my technical knowledge as new technologies emerge.


I have a rich history in healthcare. In 2001, I joined medi.com, an LA area based Fast 50 company, creating profitable Patient Billing and Payment software. The company, with less than 100 creative employees, was small but mighty! Today the same company, different name, has over +4000 employees.

My career experience requires me to become intimately acquainted the implementation of HIPAA/EDI compliance transaction sets including: EDI Health Care Claim - ANSI 837, Health Care Claim Payment/Advice – ANSI 835, Eligibility/Benefit Inquires ANSI 270/271, Acknowledgement Transaction Set 997, and others. I have created user guides, marketing collateral, quick reference guides, and Sales tools. I have a knack for explaining complex subjects in a way that makes them easy to understand for the end user. I also have experience and training handling individually identifiable health information (PHI).

Work Ethic - change, innovate, differentiate

I believe change is imperative and must be embraced! These are the basics for Lean and Agile methods. But what does this mean? First, the audience we seek to reach is always in a constant state of change. So I am always looking for new innovative ways to reach them. Second, internet technologies and devices our audience use are always changing. Therefore, I am always honing my skills and am constantly learning new technologies (i.e. AnglarJS, mobile development). For one to offer viable solutions to internal or external customers, one should understand the tech and have a tool box technical solutions to offer!


For the most part, my hobbies are an extension of my passion for graphics, technology, and a drive to always be honing my skills. Think of me as a 'Scottie' from the old Star Trek series. Besides, there is a great sense of accomplishment finishing some personal project. Here are my hobbies:
• Playing and creating games. I have one published on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. I am a licensed developer for both.
• 3D graphic creation. I like creating 3D 'scenes' and enjoy creating the assests (textures, etc.) used in the scenes.
• Photography. I like nature and architectural photography. I also use camera RAW and HDR photography in some of my other projects.
• I enjoy sports cars especially convertibles.
• I am always playing with my YouTube Channel. Check it out!

Thanks for viewing!   Jan

Email: jan@janelmer.com